Last weekend I pulled up my sleeves, jostled for prime position and joined the weekend warriors. I’m usually a midweek fisherman but an exception had to be made. A special international guest made the flight all the way from Germany to Australia. His name, Darius Dannhauer, and he’s a mate, not that special... Nevertheless, he told us plenty of tall tails about the ravenous German trout that plague the rivers and streams back in his mother county. The stories captured us and a small group assembled to see if our Aussie trout were as hungry.


Saturday, I picked up a jet-lagged Darius from his place at a chilly 3:30am. We unenthusiastically drove for 30 minutes before rendezvousing with another mate who brought his battlewagon Land Rover as backup. We piled the rods, cameras, and every piece of warm clothing we had into the 4x4 Defender and pointed the rig west in an attempt to hit Lithgow by sunrise.


The mighty Defender


A couple of bakery stops and a flat tire later, we finally arrived at the mighty Thompson Creek Dam. Although it’s a mere 20 minutes from the heart of Lithgow, it can still be quite tricky to find due to the lack of signage. The dam has a surface area of 163 hectares, a water capacity of around 27,000 mega litres and is known for its plentiful trophy sized trout, the catch? It’s a lure fishery only.



Thompson Creek Dam


The fish were present but the bite was almost non-existent. The trout would follow our Tassie Devils, hard bodies and soft plastics all the way to the bank but could not be convinced to jump on a hook. Being dam trout – maybe they’re circus trained? After spending 90% of our time trekking around the entire system and about 10% actually fishing it, we left frustrated and went for a last minute sunset bush bash on a few 4x4 tracks.






Sunday, and with our fishing fix still unfixed, Darius and I grabbed some ‘stringy weed’ and fished the last hour of sunlight for ye ole' faithful, luderick (yeah I’m still addicted). With a rapidly dropping tide we sent the floats into deeper water and ended up scoring some fat fish. The bite was thick and fast and we both scored ‘blackies’ right into dusk, as it got later the bite continued but our floats became engulfed in the darkness - impossible to tell if you had a ‘down’ or not, it was game over.




Night sky.



'Nav light waterfall'



Blackfish country.




Monster 'blackie'.



© JackMurphy Fishing and Photography








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