Budding fly-fisherman, you’re in for a treat! Earlier this week I caught up with the Fly Junkies – Gavin Davis and Fraser Perry. We hit the foreshores of Narrabeen Lagoon for a lesson in fly-casting and a photo-shoot. Gav and Fraser are both certified casting instructors, and let me just say, they’re pretty impressive - Gav can fire out huge casts over 100ft while Fraser boasts a mean wiggle cast.


Gavin Davis shows off his loops!


Without further adieu, hello Gavin Davis and his Top Ten Tips for Fly Casting. I learnt a lot, I hope you do too.



Top Ten Tips for Fly Casting

By Gavin Davis

Fly Junkies




1. Don't be Slack - slack in the fly line whilst casting will kill your cast! Get the fly moving before you start and keep even tension on the line throughout the cast.


2. Line it Up - using the right fly line can be the difference between a great day on the water, and a frustrating day to forget. Match the weight of the line to your rod, and choose a line taper that matches your fishing situation. And hey, fly fishing forums are a great place for line advice.



Hooked up with a 7 weight line with a 7 weight rod.

3. Let it Go - how often do you make that extra false cast and then it all turns pear shaped… This usually happens because during that final cast the adrenaline kicks in, instinctively you juice up the power and your technique goes out the window along with your loop shape! So learn to "Let it Go" on the second last false cast, you’ll be amazed at the results.


4. Smoke and Mirrors - sometimes casting faults can be deceiving. Your forward and back cast should mirror image each other, so a fault in your forward cast could indeed mean a fault in your back cast.



Having a mate watch your back cast can help a lot.



5. Windy Worries - if you’ve just taken up fly fishing, it’s very important to be aware of the wind. Try to cast/fish in a spot where the wind will blow over your shoulder opposite to the hand you hold your rod in. This will blow your loops and flies away from your body and keep you safe from hitting yourself.


6. Straighty 180 - while casting, try to keep you rod moving in a nice straight line. This will improve your tracking and help tighten your loops.


7. Turbo Charged - learn the ‘double haul’, it's the turbo charger of casting. There's a bunch of tutorials on YouTube or see a casting instructor for help.



According to Gav, the 'double haul' is the turbo charger of casting.


8. Time for Timing - make sure you pause long enough in between each false cast so your loop can completely unroll. If you’re trying to make longer casts, pause even longer to allow the extra length of your loop to unroll.


9. Be Smooth - being smooth is definitely the key to great casting. Think of your acceleration during the cast to be like a tree falling; the tree starts perfectly still, then as it falls, it smoothly and constantly accelerates until it hits the ground. If you can mimic that acceleration in your casting stroke, you’ll be on track for fly-casting success.


10. See a Doctor - if pain still persists, see a casting instructor!



Fraser's pretty accurate. 


The Fly Junkies run a very informative website and blog, they’re based in Sydney and offer fully qualified casting lessons. You can find them via their website and Facebook page.






Fraser and Gav in their element. 



Is there a fish you want me to attempt to catch? A location I should fish? A photographic challenge? You tell me. Either email or leave a comment below.


Until next week,




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