Day to day we’re governed by a set of “rules” handed down by society. Basically they state, “Don’t eat junk food all the time you fatty”. But the great thing about road tripping, is that all the rules about what you can and can’t eat get thrown out the window. Sausage roll for breakfast? Why not. How about a bag of lollies for lunch? Sounds good to me. So after just driving the entire east coast of Australia for Jack’s Lap, I’d considered myself a bit of a maestro when it comes to eating junk food on the road – here’s my top ten.


10. Beef Jerky

A great choice for dads – no one else in the car wants to share their packet of weird salty meats.


9. Quarter Pounder

Heart starter or heart stopper? QPs are one serious sponge cake of beefy goodness.


8. Snakes

Everyone’s second favourite lolly.


7. Sausage roll

You can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner – there are no rules for sausage rolls when you’re on the road.


6. Salt and vinegar chips

The Maltesers of the fried chip world.


5. KFC family box

Restore sagging morale on a long road trip, you may need an EPA clean up team if dining in-car.


4. Strawberry creams

They go quick in a mixed bag – try grab a few on your first dip.


3. Servo pie

You're guaranteed to drop some meat or sauce on your clothes, but that’s a small price to pay for heaven wrapped in pastry.


2. Sour Cream Pringles

Addictive but restrictive – man hands may struggle here.


1. Fantails

Delicious, long lasting and even include trivia on the wrapper – Fantails for the win.



Is there a fish you want me to attempt to catch? A location I should fish? A photographic challenge? You tell me. Either email or leave a comment below.


Until next week.


Jack Murphy


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