Picture this, you’ve been driving for 10 hours along an unchanging highway, there are Macca’s wrappers scattered throughout the car, you’re down to your last Red Bull and the fishing rods rattling against each other in the boot are starting to send you crazy. But wait! I promise it’s worth it. When you arrive at any of these fishing spots you will jump out, kiss the ground and think you have arrived in nirvana.



Cape York, Qld

Fish for: barramundi, GTs, coral trout and Spanish mackerel

Image: Queensland Tourism



Hervey Bay, Qld

Fish for: longtail tuna and golden trevally

Image: Queensland Tourism



Daly River, NT

Fish for: barramundi

Image: Northern Territory Tourism



Exmouth, WA


Fish for: GTs, sailfish and marlin

Image: Western Australia Tourism



South West Rocks, NSW

Fish for: kingfish, cobia and snapper

Image: New South Wales Tourism



Port Stephens, NSW


Fish for: marlin

Image: New South Wales Tourism



Sydney Harbour, NSW

Fish for: kingfish, salmon and bream

Image: New South Wales Tourism


Jervis Bay, NSW

Fish for: kingfish, tuna and marlin

Image: New South Wales Tourism



Port Phillip Bay, Vic

Fish for: snapper and squid

Image: Victoria Tourism


Port Augusta, SA

Fish for: big, fat kingfish

Image: South Australia Tourism



Is there a fish you want me to attempt to catch? A location I should fish? A photographic challenge? You tell me. Either email or leave a comment below.


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