Over the last week Sydney has been lashed with icy winds, buckets of rain and storms that seem to roll out of nowhere. I’ve managed to get out onto the boat twice this week, unfortunately both times were just to empty the big blue water collector – the tarp…

Although the persistent southerlies didn’t allow any offshore action and the endless rain kept my camera locked snug inside its Pelican Case. I did manage to have a quick fish and take a few snaps while Zeus must’ve been on smoko.



Southerly buster – iPhone 4.


During one of these quick breaks in the weather I drove out to Palm Beach to shoot some of the large swells rolling in. I’ve been to Palmy hundreds of times before and also shot landscape photography around there no more than two months ago. However to my surprise I stumbled across these amazing rock carvings on a large boulder right near the rock pool, they must be relatively new or I’m just relatively blind. Regardless, I snapped it.



Maybe it got washed ashore from Atlantis during the storms.



South Palmy.


On the fishing front, hiding from the wind seems to be the best option. We went land based again this week and targeted anything that would eat a lure (don’t worry, no blackfish).



Atomic Hardz on the flats (left).
Megabass jigs off the rocks (right).

The salmon haven’t really fired up yet, there’re a few rouge fish around but not in the big schools yet. Hopefully as winter takes a firm hold we’ll see the big football fields of fish move in around the headlands. Squid have been a little trickier in the dirty water, but with the absence of kingies they’ve been building up their numbers again.



Darius Dannhauer battled this Aussie salmon on fly.



Squid at sunset.


Lastly, Matt Wheeler fished Lake Jindabyne over the long weekend. He tells me that they smashed the trout and landed plenty of rainbows, big browns and also caught this remarkably fat brook trout.



Image: Matt Wheeler.


The annual trout fishing closure is now active until the 29th of September. Anglers can still chase fish in stocked dams. For more info see:






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