Lake Mulwala.


All right, well I’m back from the Murray River - the car survived, the boat survived and luckily, I survived. The trip was epic and I packed plenty of kilometers into one action filled week. As discussed in last week’s blog, the adventure took me through some very cool towns – starting in Tocumwal and finishing near the snowy hills of Mount Hotham.


I caught plenty of fish along the way; they included redfin, Murray cray and even a 6lb rainbow trout (although I may have cheated a little when catching the trout).  Even better, I met some great characters in my travels. That’s what’s so rewarding about travelling solo, you talk to people you normally wouldn’t and you end up getting the locals perspective on the towns you’re visiting.  



The Mulwala locals – (left to right) Ron, Rob and Mick.



Now for the matter of the trout… Although I’d love to say I caught it on a slow sinking Zug Bug Nymph, proudly presented into a Tasmanian stream - I didn’t… The guys at Mountain Fresh Trout and Salmon Farm took me on a tour and “helped” me achieve my dream of catching a jumbo rainbow trout. It’s a fairly sophisticated technique – you throw some burley in the water then scoop out the biggest fish you can see with a landing net – I wish all fishing were like that.



6lb's of prime rainbow trout.


The Clearwater King Fisher 389 tinnie that was volunteered into action by Whittley was a prime little weapon for inland touring. She was easy enough to handle in the tight, fast flowing rivers and also light enough that she didn’t make the car sink into a sluggish pace when tracking uphill.



The Clearwater King Fisher 389 in Lake Mulwala.


Although the cod didn’t play the game there were some spectacular sights to witness on the Murray River. To get the full scoop on the fish, the locations, the locals, the landscapes and the best bakeries – look out for TrailerBoat magazine in a couple of months.



Also this happened…



I lost a bet...



Is there a fish you want me to attempt to catch? A location I should fish? A photographic challenge? You tell me. Either email or leave a comment below.




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