Dead whale trapped in Newport Beach rock pool.



I woke up this morning to my phone going off with news that a 10-12 metre humpback whale had died at sea and been washed into the rock pool at Newport Beach. I grabbed my camera and raced out to the buzz. Crowds surrounded the area, choppers hovered overhead and news crews were scrabbling over each other to get a clear shot.





Police made a perimeter around the area, onlookers and

media were forced to look from a distance.



Geoff Ross from National Parks and Wildlife Service estimated the whale between 25 – 30 tonnes and said, “Generally they’re dealt with by offshore predators, such as sharks but of course when the seas are very rough and strong winds, it blows the carcasses inshore very quickly”. 



The whale could be between 25 - 30 tonnes.


ORRCA was at the scene dealing with the media.



A large section of the chain railing surrounding the pool was flattened by the huge carcass rolling into the pool. Newport Beach has been closed, “Due to whale carcass and possible increase in shark activity” – Pittwater Council. Two surfers got the attention of the media when they started paddling out right near the bloated blubber.   






The whale carcass smashed it's way into the rock pool.


Close up I noticed some big scratches on the whales back and flanks, whether they’re a contributing factor to the whale’s death, old scars or just a result of the humpback getting battered around in the rock pool – it would be hard to tell.


Last year another whale washed up dead on the northern side of Newport Beach. I can’t really imagine that it would be a coincidence; one would have to think that the geographic location of the beach makes it a hotspot for these sorts of occurrences. 


A sad image but important to remember  - this is nature.





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