I always seem to get a lot of questions about what gear I take fishing. So here you go, my top 20 lures revealed. With massive 12” skirted lures for marlin all the way down to the miniature 2g diving lures for trout - this dream-team of proven fish catchers will have you covered in almost every fishing situation around Australia.


Some of these lures have been in my tackle box for years (check out the battle scars), they’ve been with me all over Australia and even overseas. They’ve caught hundreds of fish and survived countless hook replacements. On occasion I’ve even trudged through 0 degree streams, climbed trees and even swam through shark infested waters just to get them back. 



The Hookem Jet Head

Deadly on: tuna, salmon and mahi mahi 

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The Bluewater F18

Deadly on: tuna, mackerel, mahi mahi and salmon

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The Adhek Ghost Jig

Deadly on: kingfish and amberjack

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The 6" Sluggo

Deadly on: kingfish and salmon

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The Hookem Vertical Jig

Deadly on: kingfish and tuna

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The ASWB stickbait

Deadly on: GT's, mackerel, tuna and red bass

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The Z-Man 3/8 Oz. ChatterBait

Deadly on: Murray cod and yellowbelly cod 

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The Atomic K9 Bulldog

Deadly on: bream, whiting and flathead

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The Original Floating Rapala F3

Deadly on: rainbow trout and brown trout

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The Megabass Dart Crew and Dart Crew UDSL

Deadly on: squid

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The Black Magic Jetsetter

Deadly on: tuna and mahi mahi 

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The Halco Laser Pro

Deadly on: GT's, golden trevally, mackerel and tuna

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The Larva Lures 12" Eclipse

Deadly on: marlin and tuna

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The Ecogear ZX30

Deadly on: bream and whiting

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The Halco Giant Trembler

Deadly on: tuna and mackerel

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The Basser Millyard Gold Bommer

Deadly on: barramundi and mangrove jack

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The Halco Roosta Popper

Deadly on: kingfish, GT's, salmon, queenfish and mackerel

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5g - 40g metal lures

Deadly on: tailor, salmon, tuna and kingfish

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The Atomic 6' Jerk Minnow

Deadly on: kingfish, snapper, fingermark, flathead, coral trout and morwong

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The Purple Zuker

Deadly on: tuna, salmon and mahi mahi

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So there you go, my favourite 20 lures! I hope you enjoyed checking them out as much as I enjoyed reminiscing about the fish they’ve caught.


While I’m on the subject of lures, I thought I’d mention the latest editor’s letter in issue #2 of Fish Life magazine. Glen Booth talks about the Japanese made Yo-Zuri Flying Fish, a realistic, yet utterly ridiculously looking lure. Although they haven't been sold for a long time, Glen has been “searching high and low” for one of these crazy lures. Within the article he say's that the lure caught a whopping "30 yellowfin" during one trip to Lord Howe Island. I thought I'd make it known to Glen that I’ve had two of these lures sitting on my shelf for the last couple of years. Sounds like I need to rig them up and put them in my next spread!


Fish Life:


The Yo-Zuri Flying Fish - a possible hot contender in my next top 20 lures!


Is there a fish you want me to attempt to catch? A location I should fish? A photographic challenge? You tell me. Either email or leave a comment below.


Until next week,





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