I love almost every type of fishing. Whether it’s casting a dry fly in tiny stream for trout or trolling with heavy tackle on the continental shelf for marlin – it’s all fun for me. However, I’ve never understood the appeal of surf fishing, it seems sandy, wet and frustrating. Having said that, a lot of anglers absolutely crave to cast a bait into the waves and I’ve always wondered why – until now.



Fishing under the stars.



Sandy, wet and frustrating or not, the challenge was to catch the highly sort after mulloway – off the beach. Good buddy Darius Dannhauer and I, gave ourselves two days to accomplish this momentous task (for surf fishing amateurs anyway) and three hours to fish each night. Furthering the difficulty of this slim timeframe challenge, we also only allowed one rod and reel between us both.


Night one, and freezing but full of enthusiasm we loaded the car and shot down to the local beach to find a fishy gutter. We had Dom Pereira and his younger brother Xav, also along for the ride. New to the game, they were both super keen to catch their biggest fish. It didn’t take long before the first strike and Dom grabbed the rod and battled a monster tailor. At around 2kg, Dom was stoked with his new personal best. The night continued and we just couldn’t keep a bait in the water for more than five minutes – the sharks were simply too ravenous and at one point, almost spooled the Saltiga 4500!



Dom's biggest fish!
Image: Xav Pereira

Shark city, don't go swimming at night! (left), Dom and Xav (right).



Night two, and this time armed with waders, camping chairs, torches, plenty of spare hooks and wire leaders (just in case). We cast a fresh squid head out into the dark abyss of crashing waves. After an hour without a shark run or bite off, we were quite hopefully. A tap, tap, tap and run saw Darius grab the rod and strike hard. A quick battle ensued and a mulloway came sliding up the beach. We'd done it!



Darius couldn't contain his excitement (left), a shiny mulloway (right).


Although the fish wasn’t big by anyone’s standards, it really felt like we’d accomplished a lot by landing him off the beach. I think it’s safe to say I’m hooked on surf fishing and the boat will be staying on the trailer when we next decide to chase mulloway. 





Is there a fish you want me to attempt to catch? A location I should fish? A photographic challenge? You tell me. Either email or leave a comment below.


Until next week.


Jack Murphy


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