Although some of you may know, or hopefully even read my monthly column in Camper Trailer Australia Magazine, today I thought I'd share one of my favourites from issue # 64, DIY Lures... 


Has a snappy shark nicked your last lure? Are you on a budget? Or maybe you’re simply bored around the campfire. Here’s an idea that’ll impress your mates, entertain the kids and even save your butt when your campsite’s 100 kilometers away from the nearest tackle-shop. Making your own lures can be awesome fun and when you actually catch something on them, very rewarding.



On a recent trip to the Hawkesbury River, my brother Louis and I scoured our campsite for any materials that would make the perfect bass lure. We wanted something short and fat that would make a lot commotion when we ripped it across the surface. A beer bottle cap would make the perfect popper face, whilst a wine cork made a buoyant, yet soft body. But how would we put it all together?




Step 1: Grab an icy cold beer, crack her open and knock it back, but wait, you’re going to have to hang onto the cap.


Step 2: Pop open a bottle of red wine or champagne that has a cork. Pour yourself a glass, but restrain from drinking it all at once; you’ve still got a bit of work ahead of you. Hang onto the cork too; you now have your two main ingredients.


Step 3: So you’ve got your wine cork and beer cap. Raid your campers’ toolbox and grab some superglue and pliers. Find yourself a hook (treble or single), a split ring and finally some left over wire (a coat hanger works well too).


Step 4: Now, make a fairly large hole in the center of the beer cap (a drill is ideal but if you’re careful, a knife will do the trick). Next, push your coat hanger/wire through the middle of the wine cork, ensuring it’s centered. (This is thirsty work, now might be a good time to pour yourself another glass of red).





Step 5: Superglue the beer cap to the cork. You want the underside of the bottle cap to be the face of your lure, so apply the glue to the brand name side of the cap. Make sure that the hole in the beer cap aligns with the wires exit point in the cork.


Step 6: Next, grab your pliers and trim your wire to the length of the cork, leave 2-3cm extra on each side. Make a loop with the end of the wire and twist to lock it off.




Step 7: Attach your split ring and hook to the rear twist in the wire.




Step 8: You’re finished! You can now personalise and customise your lure. Try different types of cork and different hook configurations.




Step 9: Great job, you’ve done well. Finish off the bottle of wine as a reward.


Once you’re finished, add your own personal flavor. Maybe glue on a couple of ‘googley’ eyes, paint it up in some radical colours or even make it look like your favourite super hero. My brother, Louis’ intense love for Batman meant we tricked our lure out with a full set of bat-wings courtesy of a stray crows feather! If your campfire lure starts absorbing water, give it a few coats with some clear or (if you’re feeling arty) colourful nail polish.




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Until next week.


Jack Murphy


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