Cuttlefish have to be some of the most amazing, smart, scary and badass denizens of the deep. Every time I see or catch one, I tend to get more and more intrigued by their almost sociopathic attitude and eerie self-awareness. Earlier this week, I delved into what makes cuttlefish tick, and here is what I found. 


Something out of Alien vs Predator? Nope, it's a cuttlefish.


-Cuttlefish have a greeny-blue blood.

-Out of all invertebrates, cuttlefish have one of the biggest brains in comparison to their body size.


Get a cuttlefish as a pet and they may be able to help with your long division.


-Cuttlefish don't mind a good old fisherman's basket; happily chowing down on crabs, prawns and fish.


I think I'd pass on the pike in my fisherman's basket...


-Cuttlefish aren’t fish – they’re mollusks.


"Do I look like a damn fish to you!?" 


-Cuttlefish have a beak.


You don’t want to get your fingers too close to that mouth.


-Although they can change colour and texture to match their surrounding, they are in fact colour blind – go figure.

-Male cuttlefish mate by placing sperm in an opening next to the female’s mouth.

-Female cuttlefish will often mate with a number of males and choose which sperm to fertilise her eggs later on.

-Some cuttlefish pretend to be females in order to sneak past other male cuttlefish. Amazingly, they change colour, hide their additional arm and in some cases, pretend to be holding an egg sack. According to Wikipedia, the females often end up mating with the sneakier cuttlefish because they’re perceived to have greater intelligence – tough guys finish last. 


"Cya next week folks"


Is there a fish you want me to attempt to catch? A location I should fish? A photographic challenge? You tell me. Either email or leave a comment below.


Until next week.


Jack Murphy


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