With our latest spout of unpredictable weather, getting out for a fish has been tricky to say the least. The giant super-moon fueled tides have made the fish go a little crazy and the approach of winter means icy mornings, westerly winds and a new smorgasbord of fish to be targeted. 

Storm rolling into Mona Vale.

There are still some big kings cruising around the harbour but they’ve been harder to tempt than previous weeks, one of the Fishabout boys told me the bust-off's were coming thick and fast. I managed to land one of these hoodlums, and yes - they're extremely well conditioned fish. Also in the harbour, I've been hearing reports of hairtail being captured in large numbers. The schools have been coming through in waves and eating yellow tail and pilchards in broad daylight. David Dunwoodie scored ten in one session, crazy!   

Is that the fattest king you've ever seen?



Although the fishing hasn't been world-class, the photography side of things has been. There’ve been some great shooting conditions with starry nights, epic sunrises and cloudy sunsets almost every second day.



Early start in the Prowler.

Super moon silhouette.


Heading offshore around the Northern Beaches has been quite unproductive. I’ve only managed to find rat kings at Long Reef and unfortunately any forms of surface activity have been nonexistent (maybe I'm just looking in the wrong places). I fished last Friday with two mates, Tom Ledgerwood and Matt Wheeler. Although I couldn't turn a reel, kingfish virgin Tom cracked his first and Matt scored one on 6lb while attempting to catch a sea sweep (don't ask me why). Tom also caught himself some dinner while giving us all a lesson in flathead finesse. During the day we also spotted numerous sharks cruising around the shallow reefs but they were quite boat shy and wouldn't touch a bait.




Well, Tom had fun...


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