Watching the float at sunset.



I’ve only had one thing on my mind this week – blackfish. I’ve been catching them, holding them, photographing them, writing about them and have also recently started dreaming about them (yep, it’s got that bad). I do have to admit, for a small fish they’re quite exciting to target. Seeing your float get ripped from the surface is something that never gets old.



The author with a light tackle blackfish.

Image: Dom Wiseman



I hadn’t bobbed a float for over two years but a recent request for a blackfish article by Modern Fishing spurred on this latest craze. What amazes me about blackfishing, is the simplicity – the rig is the same, the bait location hasn’t moved and the diehard luderick locals still fish at the same spot every second day, tell the same stories and fish with the same rod and reel.



Even the sign hasn't changed. 



I have made plenty of people suffer with this week’s addiction; some commendable mentions must go to:

Daniel Fyfe – who helped me collect the weed but strongly protested when I asked him to actually come fishing…





Sophie Dunwoodie – who bravely came fishing before sunrise and nearly got hypothermia by wearing thongs and a light jumper.





Dom Wiseman – I think I’ve passed my addiction onto him; Dom is still recovering from a serious case of “float eyes”.


Read about how Dom and I went here:





I’ve been a bit busy this week, you know, with the fishing and all… However, the beaches that stock the weed also pulled out some cracking shooting conditions!


Sunset through the trees.



'Artificial Sun'



Water rushing from the rock platform.



Rock pool sunset.



The week that was on the Northern Beaches 16/05/12 - 23/05/12:

As the water gets colder the “blackies” should seriously start firing up. This week they’ve been biting on the tides and gobbling stringy weed in the estuaries. On the rough side, Eric Haines managed a huge bag of blackfish from Mona Vale beach, his bait of choice was cabbage weed. So get out there and get amongst it! 


Until next week.




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