Well the first ever Jack Murphy Fishing and Photography competition has closed. We had an amazing response with almost 1,400 entries - you had to tell us in 25 words or less, what was your best capture? The most entries came from Victoria at The National 4×4 & Outdoors Show and Fishing & Boating Expo which saw some creative, funny, inspiring and imaginative responses.


The most common entries were based around big snapper, redfin, carp and husbands/wives! I think we had around 300 entries that simply stated “my wife” or “my husband” - cute the first five times, funny the 50th time and borderline frustrating at the 300th mark! 


Commendable mentions must go to:


Jake Inness wrote:

“It would have to be my barra that I caught in the Kimberley's. It was my first big catch and the fish was over a metre. It was on a 2000 sized Penn reel and it was absolutley screaming its head off!! In the end I had it up at the bank and it had its last run and pulled the trebles straight. I was shattered still can't get over it!”


Annette Brown wrote:

“Living in Brooklyn, NY its absolute joy to be able to catch a varitey of saltwater fish from its shores and piers. My favorite fish to eat is the weakfish (seatrout/tiderunner). My first weakfish catch was about 20 inches long and 8.5 lbs. caught on a homemade rig with red tubing, flashy beads, and bunker in the middle of the day at Canarsie Pier - Summer 2005. Yes, I even have a picture to show.”


Henry Morris, age 12 wrote:

“Snap! Rod tip breaks, night time, Manly beach, target whiting, light tackle, hours of fighting brings in a port jackson, audience arrives and we let him free.”


Andy Needham wrote:

“Not my biggest but the most nerve racking was a 78cm flathead caught on finesse (2kg) gear. This fish actually did 2 back flips out of the landing net and I was trying to control a kayak in a roaring wind! She did hold onto the Damik SP long enough for me to land, photo and release. A real BUZZ!”


We also had an amazing ‘celebrity’ entry from…


Martin Brody who wrote:

“After several people were killed at a popular holiday destination I discovered that the culprit was a shark.  Forming a team with local shark hunter Quint and oceanographer Broody we ventured out to kill the beast.  Despite our best efforts the shark got the best of us, dragging Quint to his death and stranding Broody on the seabed.  Finally in a last ditch effort I shoved a scuba tank into the sharks mouth and shot it with a rifle, detonating the tank and killing the shark in the explosion.”


Ha ha! But unfortunately Mr Brody has been disqualified for breaking the word count…


But... The winner is…

Robert Anset from Victoria who wrote:

“A 1.08m Murray Cod lured in the Campaspe River near Elmore while returning from a funeral. (Still dressed in a suit.)”


I loved this entry; I spent a week chasing cod on the Murray River last month and didn’t turn a reel on these elusive buggers. Robert has kept within the word count and landed a monster of a fish on what you’d assume was a spur of the moment fishing session - maybe I was just underdressed for the occasion.

Congrats Rob, I’ll be in contact soon.


Once again we have to say a big thank you to all the competition sponsors who made this possible, find their links below.


I’ll leave you today with a few of my favourite images that I shot down in Melbourne.












Thanks for your entries everyone.


Is there a fish you want me to attempt to catch? A location I should fish? A photographic challenge? You tell me. Either email or leave a comment below.
















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