I seem to get a lot of questions about my boat; what I like and don’t like about it, what modifications I’ve made and what I’d change if I did it all over again. So here it is, the ins and outs of my Haines Hunter 525 Prowler.


Prowlin' in Cape York.


The 525 Prowler is a relatively new release from Haines Hunter. She’s an updated version of the previous classic – the 520 Prowler. My boat was one of the first out of the factory - so in regards to the setup, I was on my own. Yamaha and Pittwater Marine helped me out with the engine installation and whilst they were doing so, I planned the rest of the kit-out. Haines Hunter put in a reversible bench seat, deck wash and live bait tank. Lowrance came to the party with an HDS 8, Structure Scan and a VHF unit. Rodney Young built a custom stainless steel t-top that makes the boat look red-hot. Awesome outriggers from Bell Marine and Hookem’ got screwed into the gunnels and finally, a Fusion head-unit, media dock and marine speakers made their way into the console - you can't have a fishing boat without a sound system...



Left: the bait-tank fully loaded with six small squid.

Right: marking up a black marlin on the HDS 8.



The Prowler shreds on the water, the deep V hull offers an amazing ride, especially with a bit of added weight in the bow. However, with all deep V boats, stability at rest is usually an issue, the Prowler isn’t an exception, but I’d take a comfy ride over stability any day. You can also turn this boat amazingly hard and she stays glued to the water - it’s the ultimate inshore/offshore crossover boat.



Great manoeuvrability at speed.



Flying high.




What I love:

1. Aesthetic appearance: the boat looks tough as nails.

2. Handling on the water: a pleasure to drive.

3. Bell Marine/Hookem’ Outriggers: a huge asset to small trailer boats.

4. Fuel Capacity: the big 125L fuel tank gives you a great range.

5. Fusion system: you can’t fish without tunes.

6. Storage: plenty of room in the gunnels and under the console for storage. 

7. Fishing space: perfect for fly and sport fishing.




Heaps of fishing space.



The Bell Marine/Hookem' Outriggers standing proud. 



What could be better:

1. The bait-tank: way too small.

2. T-top: a detachable t-top would be handy.

3. Fish storage: the kill-tank is too small and is in an awkward position.

4. Baitboard: the engine can’t be trimmed up with the baitboard inserted.

5. Throttle: the positioning of the throttle could be improved.



Boat Specs:

Make: Haines Hunter

Model: 525 Prowler

LOA: 5.30m

Beam: 2.10m

Hull Weight: 500kg

Fuel Capacity: 125L



Engine Specs:

Make: Yamaha

Model: AETX

HP: 115HP

Fuel Consumption: 35.2lt/h @ 6000rpm (WOT)




GTs beware...


A big thanks to Michael Ellem from Offroad Images: http://www.offroadimages.com.au

and Barry Ashenhurst of Bazz Light: http://www.bazzlight.com

for their awesome Prowler pics! 



Is there a fish you want me to attempt to catch? A location I should fish? A photographic challenge? You tell me. Either email fishfingers18@yahoo.com or leave a comment below.


Until next week.


Jack Murphy


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