Well, it has been a year since my first blog! And just like last year, I headed out to Port Stephens to fish the Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament. Once again, Team TrailerBoat fished out of my 525 Prowler. Although we didn’t get any fish on the leaderboard, we still had a cracking weekend.


Day one, and with less than ideal conditions we decided to fish the islands for a kingy or something equally as big with gills and a tail.  




 Turns out Cam was pretty handy on the bait jig. 


We fished hard for the morning and only managed a few measly snapper and a beauty of a tailor but damn it - he was 100 grams short of making the leaderboard.


A little more hopeful on day two, and with Seabreeze promising perfect conditions, we decided our best bet was to run north and try and tangle with a few tuna. We fished the morning and found plenty of bait - the scene for a big strike was set.



The yakkas were thick!




With lines cast and energy high, Cam McQuade had the first hit and scored a 16.5kg longtail tuna. Yes! Inspired, we kept trying but do you think anyone else could get a run? Nope. Now the only run left was to follow the smell of the BBQ calling us like a mermaid’s song - did someone call halftime for a feed and a couple of XXXX?



Longtail down deep.




Cam with his biggest tuna, nay, biggest fish!



TrailerBoat's editor Angelo San Giorgio and angler at large Cam McQuade.



Day three, and once again we only had half the day to fish! A struggle at the bait grounds (more like nothing at the bait grounds) meant a run to the FAD was our only hope. With precious time ticking away we managed to spot a few small dollies but they proved smarter than us (well I suppose the rotting pilchards that we managed to scramble together from the floor of the boat didn’t help either). We retreated at pace to make it back to Nelson Bay just in the nick of time for the prize giving.


Once again Port Stephens turned it on for the Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament with some serious weigh in’s. A 25kg mulloway, a 10kg snapper and even a 22kg kingfish! For the full wrap on the comp, and the winning anglers, check out TrailerBoat issue 294.






Is there a fish you want me to attempt to catch? A location I should fish? A photographic challenge? You tell me. Either email fishfingers18@yahoo.com or leave a comment below.


Until next week.


Jack Murphy


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